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The origin of


George Moore and the birth of

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A,   B,   L,   A   and   S   are   the   initials   of   A   BETTER   LIFE ASTROLOGY   SCHOOL.   Roland   Legrand   is   at   the   origin of    the    saga    that    began    in    August    1982,    after    a "karmic"   meeting   with   George   MOORE,   an   American writer    based    in    Queensland,    Australia    and    near    in which    Roland    had    just    moved.    One    night,    George came   knocking   at   the   door.   The   fact   that   Roland   was French   added   to   the   pleasure   of   this   meeting.   Indeed, George   had   lived   in   France   for   many   years   in   his youth   and   had   kept   pleasant   memories.   After   a   few minutes   of   conversation   about   Roland’s   work   as   an astrologer,   George   asked   him   if   he   could   "guess   his sign".    Although    absolutely    profane    in    this    matter, George    had    no    bias    or    prejudice    about    astrology. Roland   replied   that   he   believed   George   was   a   Gemini through   the   fineness   of   his   hands,   his   way   of   moving and its ease of speech. He had seen just right! The    anecdote    convinced    George    immediately.    He instantly   became   much   more   interested   in   the   work   of his   “new   friend”.   At   that   time,   Roland   was   writing   a self-teaching   guide   to   astrology   which   he   planned   to publish.   George   wasn’t   convinced.   "You   understand, he   told   Roland,   the   publisher   will   take   most   of   the cake   and   leave   you   with   crumbs   to   eat.   You   will   work for   glory,   but   will   make   no   money!”   He   continued:   “In my   opinion   the   best   thing   to   do   would   be   to   make your     own     school     and     sell     your     teaching     by correspondence.   You   can   work   from   home   and   you will   have   the   satisfaction   of   forming   astrologers   rather than     simply     sell     paper..."     This     point     of     view immediately    won    Roland’s    favor,    who    then    asked George   on   the   best   way   to   proceed.   George   Moore had   formed   a   company   with   his   wife.   They   published books   on   Aboriginal   and   Australian   legends   of   historic significance,   for   primary   school   students   around   the country. “Bettler-Moore    Associates”    was    the    name    of    the company.   George,   driven   by   spontaneous   generosity, asked   Roland   to   prepare   a   first   lesson   that   he   would read   and   give   its   honest   opinion   as   a   neophyte   as   well as   a   professional   publisher.   Roland   began   to   work   on the   project   the   very   next   morning...   A   few   days   later he   brought   the   first   lesson   to   his   friend.   After   reading it,   George   concluded:   "you're   a   true   writer!   Bravo!   On the   other   hand,   I   think   that   this   lesson   is   too   heavy for   a   beginner.   My   idea   is   that   you   can   split   it   in   four lessons   with   no   detriment   to   the   quality   of   your   work" Roland   proceeded   to   the   task   immediately.   The   result gave   birth   to   the   first   four   lessons   of   the   course,   as   it is still in use more than three decades later... George   went   on   to   make   his   typing,   photocopying   and graphic   design   services   available   to   Roland   free   of charge   to   compile   the   first   module   of   four   lessons.   For the   name   of   the   School,   George   suggested   A   BETTER LIFE   SCHOOL   OF   ASTROLOGY   saying   to   Roland:   “I thought   of   that   name   because   it   seemed   to   me   that astrology   is   made   to   improve   life   and   make   it   better." The   name   of   the   school   was   born.   The   School   logo was   then   drawn   by   Roland   to   be   graphic   designed   by one    of    George’s    professional    partners.    ABLAS    was born.   On   December   1982   it   was   officially   registered   as a business in Australia. A   little   more   than   a   year   later,   on   January   26,   1984, George    died    from    cancer...        His    is    always    will    be present.   An   astrologer's   life   is   not   simple.   Roland   is particularly   intense   and   passionate   about   his   work. Astrology   is   all   his   life,   with   occasional   parentheses for music, painting and exercising.
George Moore