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When the past reappears for no apparent reason... Although   we   are   about   to   enter   the   Scorpio’s   period   beginning   on   the   night   of   October   23   to   24,   Venus'   entry   into   the   sign   of   Libra   on   the   14th,   coincided   with   an instinctive   need   to   delve   into   my   old   writings   where   I   found   some   “pearls   ",   among   which,   the   article   below,   written   in   French   in   November   2004   for   the   magazine Numerologia. I added an updated part to end my prose of the time with a short forecast for the natives of this sign. Enjoy! Libra and life: Libra   belongs   to   the   AIR   element.   Astrology   traditionally   grants   it   the   control   of   Venus.   For   my   part,   I   prefer   that   of   Vesta,   an   asteroid   orbiting between   Mars   and   Jupiter,   with   Pallas,   Ceres   and   others.   Very   small   (only   about   390   km   in   “diameter”)   because   of   its   high   brightness,   it   is visible   from   the   Earth   with   the   naked   eye.   Vesta   symbolizes   balance   and   harmony   that   natives   of   Libra   tend   to   preserve   and   promote   all   their life.   Diplomatic   and   at   ease   with   the   world   around,   Libras   live   more   for   others   than   for   themselves.   Their   need   for   approval   and   harmony   is strong   and   best   expressed   in   private   and   social   relationships.   This   does   not   prevent   them   from   ups   and   downs,   sometimes   of   great   intensity. The   incidence   of   Aries,   the   sign   opposite   Libra,   produces   dramatic   mood   swings,   aggressive   reactions   and   impulsiveness.   Under   a   seeming nonchalance and a compassionate good-naturedness, the natives of Libra can become quite intense warriors when aroused... Libra and love: The   Libra   man   is   docile   and   affable,   always   welcoming   and   open   to   others.   He   needs   a   companion   who   shares   his   ideas,   but   he   is   also   able   to make   decisions   that   may   cause   him   problems.   Indeed,   being   too   diplomatic,   he   has   trouble   taking   a   position   and   choosing   his   side.   Such attitude can lead to celibacy or to many break-ups and relationships ups and downs... The   Libra   woman   is   all   in   frequency   modulation.   She   adapts   as   much   as   possible   to   the   needs   of   her   partner   which   she   needs   to   admire   to   be faithful   and   loving.   She   needs   AIR   to   breathe   and   feel   free   and   in   control   of   her   life.   She   finds   it   very   difficult   to   accommodate   a   jealous   and possessive partner, preferring a romantic companion with artistic traits, with whom she can share many intellectual interests. Libra’s life projects: Finding   balance   between   the   forces   that   make   our   world   turn   is   the   primary   goal   of   Libra   people.   Harmony   is   their   strong   point,   but   also   their   downside.   In   perpetual   oscillation   between pros   and   cons,   they’re   often   found   in   professions   related   to   justice   and   equity.   But   above   all,   the   Libra   person   is   an   artist,   very   sensitive   to   music   and   vibrations   of   all   kinds.   They   can therefore   succeed   in   professions   where   harmony   is   a   major   asset   to   succeed.   Art,   fashion,   aesthetics   and   even   politics   interest   Libras   and   can   lead   them   to   success   at   the   highest   levels   of society.   Money   is   not   their   major   interest,   but   it   should   be   given   greater   attention   or   greater   respect   to   avoid   chronic   shortcomings   or   unwelcome   mistakes.   Success   is   often   noticed   during the second half of life, in the mid-forties... Libra and the other signs: Aries: Aries   is   the   opposite   to   Libra   and,   since   extremes   tend   to   attract   one   another,   it   is   not   uncommon   to   encounter   couples   made   up   of   these   two   signs.   The   legendary   hesitant   Libra   is   offset by   the   impulsiveness   of   Aries   and   vice   versa.   Libras   often   speak   in   terms   of   "we   are,"   spontaneously   integrating   others   into   their   life,   while   Aries   are   essentially   self-centered,   the relationship can work wonderfully, until the day when the Arian side sleeping in Libra awakes... Taurus: There   is   no   major   disagreement   between   these   two   signs,   but   a   homogeneous   mixture   of   their   respective   qualities   is   not   easy.   Taurus   is   a   stubborn   type,   while   Libra   always   tries   to reconcile.   It   is   on   this   basis   that   the   relationship   is   permissible.   What   Taurus   imposes,   Libra   accepts,   with   the   prospect,   however,   to   change   things   smoothly,   in   their   own   way.   When   a quarrel breaks out and the Arian side of Libra awakes, the vilest can happen. Sudden and sometimes violent breakups are therefore likely… Gemini: These   two   are   born   accomplices.   They   spend   much   time   playing   like   kids,   making   fun   or   others   and   laughing   for   no   apparent   reason.   However,   they   struggle   to   achieve   concrete   and lasting   results.   They   love   change   too   much   to   settle   into   the   routine   of   a   couple   as   it   is   traditionally   conceived.   Their   nonconformist   approach   to   life   encourages   them   to   freedom   for everyone.   More   like   brother   and   sister   or   friends   than   lover,   Libra   and   Gemini   spend   most   of   their   time   talking,   traveling   and   socializing   rather   than   taking   care   of   a   home   or   family   quite unsuited to their vagabond nature... Cancer: Affable   and   home   lover,   Cancer   retains   Libra’s   interest   by   their   ability   to   decorate   and   accommodate   the   home   to   please   Libra’s   refined   taste.   Attached   to   traditional   values,   faithful   and emotional,   Cancer   does   everything   possible   to   preserve   peace   and   harmony   Libra   needs   for   its   intimate   balance   and   wellbeing.   Such   relationship   could   therefore   work   100%,   thanks   to the fairness and concessions Libra is capable of, to compensate for the mood swings of an often whimsical and unsociable Cancer... Leo: The   rather   rigid   approach   of   the   things   of   life   confers   to   Leos   an   autocratic   tendency   that   Libra   may   find   difficult   to   appreciate.   Its   natural   flexibility   and   kindness   allows   them   to   adapt, understand   and   forgive,   but   if   a   real   fight   breaks   out   and   the   Arian   side   awakes   in   Libra,   a   sudden   and   sometime   violent   breakup   may   ensue.   Knowing   how   proud   and   egotistical   Leo   can be, despite Libra’s ability to adapt, thanks to their diplomatic nature, upheavals often result from such a pair... Virgo: Libra’s   flexibility   and   easygoing   approach   to   life   may   help   Virgo   rid   of   their   natural   anxiety,   reassuring   them   in   all   possible   and   imaginable   ways.   Libra   is   an   expert   in   tightrope   walking   but will   tire   trying   to   deal   with   Virgo’s   criteria   and   needs   that   become   more   and   more   rigid   over   the   years.   Mutual   efforts   will   be   gradually   necessary   to   avoid   disharmony   from   which   Libra suffers deeply ... Libra: The   association   of   two   identical   signs   is   often   problematic,   although   it   can   work   perfectly   if   the   level   of   intellectual   or   spiritual   evolution   allows   for   it.   Libras   together   will   spend   their   time looking   for   compromise,   procrastinating   and   finding   it   difficult   to   make   a   joint   and   mutual   decision.   Whether   it   be   the   date   of   their   marriage,   a   travel   destination,   a   name   for   a   child   or   any other common-ground position, they usually have trouble getting along, but they do their best to avoid open conflict at all costs. Scorpion: These   two   signs   follow   each   other   but   are   not   alike.   Hard,   determined,   sharp   and   lonely,   the   Scorpio   person   is   quickly   annoyed   by   the   constant   procrastination   of   their   Libra   partner   who finds   it   difficult   to   decide   in   favor   of   “yes   or   no”   and   who’s   never   sure   to   be   right   or   wrong.   Libra   goes   to   great   length   to   soften   Scorpio’s   "bad   temper”   and   deploys   an   impressive   array   of good intentions without assurance of happiness living with a person as melancholic as Scorpio can be… Sagittarius: A   total   harmony   is   possible   in   a   relationship   between   these   two   signs.   The   philosophical   or   spiritual   aspirations   of   Sagittarius   amaze   Libra’s   mind   in   search   of   answers   and   of   constant recomfort.   They   both   enjoy   travelling,   which   may   produce   particularly   pleasant   moments   to   share,   discovering   new   horizons   or   new   cultures.   However,   Libra’s   need   for   coziness   and harmony, may worry Sagittarius’ “bohemian” side and perpetual need for. Capricorn: Durable   and   supportive   couples   are   built   on   such   foundation.   The   relationship   is   not   necessarily   exhilarating,   but   if   Libra   can   take   advantage   and   bring   to   the   surface   all   the   sensitivity   and emotionalism   of   Capricorn,   a   very   strong   and   durable   union   may   stem   from   both   partners   desire   to   do   well   for   one-another.   Faithful   and   solid,   the   Capricorn   person   protects   their   Libra partner, ensuring comfort as well as material, social and intimate security. Aquarius: This   is   an   interesting   partnership,   to   say   the   least!   The   doubled   Air   element   alternates   between   major   storms   and   pleasant   weather.   Such   unstable   climate   may   become   tiring   after   a while.   The   independent   Aquarius   needs   too   much   freedom.   Even   though   Libra   respects   the   needs   of   a   constantly   changing   Aquarius,   it   has   undesirable   consequences   due   to   the   lack   of follow-up that Aquarius is often guilty of. However, the Aquarius’ ability to rebound helps keep the relationship from critical upheavals and painful breakups... Pisces: The   natural   flexibility   of   these   two   signs   is   a   good   asset   for   the   proper   functioning   of   the   relationship.   Intuitive   and   sensitive,   Pisces   evolves   with   the   same   ease   in   clear   or   turbid   waters, while   Libra   adapts   to   Pisces   changes   of   moods   and   directions.   It   seems,   however,   that   Pisces’   lack   of   determination,   coupled   with   the   hesitant   trait   of   Libra’s   temperament,   can   become   a major obstacle. Pisces needs to be a little more practical to ensure Libra’s innate need for comfort and security. Libra’s forecast for the end of 2017 Since   October   14,   Venus   acts   in   a   pleasant   way   in   the   life   of   the   natives   of   Libra   (either   Sign   or   Ascendant).   Mars   is   also   in   Libra   since   October   22,   a   transit   that   will   last   until   December 10.   If   Venus   softens,   we   know   that   Mars   tends   to   make   one   less   docile,   more   enterprising,   reactive   or   impulsive.   The   presence   of   Vesta   in   this   sign   should   help   preserve   harmony   and wellbeing.   On   November   7,   Vesta   and   Venus   will   join   at   the   last   degree   in   Libra,   preparing   to   serve   the   interests   of   Scorpio,   where   these   two   stars   will   meet   with   Jupiter   a   little   later.   I   will return to these important transits in a future article. Favored   nevertheless   by   Saturn   in   Sagittarius,   Libra   should   end   the   year   with   a   feeling   of   achievement.   What   must   change   being   represented   by   Uranus,   its   transit   in   Aries   emphasizes   the need   to   transform   human   relations   which   the   current   trine   with   Saturn   has   allowed,   since   about   2015,   to   obtain   concrete   and   positive   results   in   partnerships,   collaboration   and   other activities or projects in collaboration with other people. Vigilance   and   temperance   are   highly   recommended   during   the   transit   of   Mars   in   Libra.   Well   managed,   the   combative   energy   that   could   emerge ,   will   have   a   lasting   impact   in   some   key area   of   their   life.   The   trine   from   Saturn   will   prevent   Mars   in   Libra   from   imposing   too   much   Aries   energy   that   would   have   disruptive   consequences.   On   the   contrary,   thanks   to Saturn, a degree of control will make libra more constructive and prone to success. Overall,   what   has   been   questioned   for   some   years   now   (perhaps   since   2008/2009)   will   be   considered   more   realistically   from   the   beginning   of   next   year.   Even   if   "it   hurts"   you   must sometimes   accept   the   "suffering"   stage   to   climb   the   ladder   and   reach   a   higher   level   in   life.   Let   us   remember   that   it   is   above   all   the   way   we   perceive   things   that   make   them important   or   not.   Luck   belongs   to   those   who   believe   in   it.   If   the   natives   of   Libra   remain   confident   in   their   good   fortune,   they   will   overcome   many   obstacles   and   make   important decisions that will have excellent far-reaching repercussions. If   you   want   to   know   more   about   your   own   future,    especially   if   you   have   a   particular   project   or   concern,   don’t   hesitate   to   ask   me   your   question   by   clicking   here:   www.ablas- astrology.com/page3angl.html  I will send you my reply by email within 48 to 72 hours after reception of your PayPal payment. Meanwhile, have a happy and safe end of year, whether you’re a Libra or any other sign. © Roland Legrand – October 23, 2017
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