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The retrogradation of Mercury At   the   moment,   Mercury   transits   in   Virgo,   near   Vesta,   opposite   Neptune   and forming    a    progressive    square    with    Saturn    conjunct    Lilith    in    Sagittarius. Knowing   that   Mercury   will   be   retrograde   from   August   11th   to   September   5th, various   errors   of   judgement,   incidents      and   other   imponderables   due   to   lack   of objectivity   and   realism   are   foreseeable.   One   could   imagine   a   transport   industry     or   a   postal   strike.   In   the   middle   of   August,   I   doubt   it,   but   in   early   September, why   not?   It   is   all   the   more   likely   because   Mercury   will   be   conjunct   Mars   at   that time,    permeating    our    minds    with    some    animosity    that    could    translate    into strong   people   reactions.   We   will   also   need   to   exercise   caution   while   driving   and in   transport   in   general,   especially   at   the   end   of   August,   at   the   time   of   the   great returns from the summer holidays in the northern hemisphere. The   degradation   of   Mercury   is   often   synonymous   with   incidents,   delays,   forgefulness   and   some   communication   issues.   If   you   are   on vacation   or   if   you   are   traveling,   if   you   have   an   important   meeting   and   if   you   have   to   use   your   intellectual   abilities,   various disturbances beyond your control are likely. The   demotion   of   Mercury   seems   to   affect   vigilance.   As   its   influence   is   global,   it   is   exerted   on   all   brains,   those   of   humans,   like   those of   animals.   His   "retrograde"   energy   would   have   a   slight   anaesthetic   effect   on   the   neurons.   Communicating   less   with   each   other   and with   the   rest   of   the   body,   all   kinds   of   "micro-information"   would   not   reach   their   recipients.   No   information   =   no   reaction.   It   is sometimes   enough   to   change   one’s   life   in   a   fraction   of   a   second.   You   have   no   doubt   noticed   more   than   once   how   easy   it   is   to mislead something that you are accustomed to seeing and / or storing in the same place. And yet… In   October   2014,   during   a   trip   to   Japan,   Mercury   entered   into   retrograde   motion   in   Scorpio,   in   my   twelfth   House.   A   few   days   later,   I noticed   that   I   had   lost   all   my   papers   and   other   documents   that   I   had   nevertheless   put   together   in   a   sealed   envelope   used   for   this sole   purpose.   My   research   was   totally   ineffective   because   I   could   not   remember   the   circumstances   as   when   I   could   have   lost   these documents.   No   memories   =   no   track   and   therefore   no   chance   to   find   what   I   had   lost.   Thank   you   Mercury...   Although   an   astrologer, although   watching   the   periods   of   Mercury’s   demotion,   I   can’t   totally   escape   the   "micro-cuts"   that   are   usually   at   the   origin   of   small errors with great consequences... The   opposition   of   Neptune   in   Pisces   and   the   square   from   Saturn   conjoined   Lilith   could   make   this   retrogradation   of   Mercury   even more   troubling.   A   great   effort   of   vigilance   will   be   necessary   to   avoid   all   kinds   of   unpleasant   incidents.   You   will   not   avoid   them   all,   of course,   but   let’s   hope   that   this   article   will   help   you   remember   where   and   when,   if   you   forget   something   on   the   train,   in   the   bus,   on the plane or in a taxi… The   influence   of   Mercury   will   act   differently   according   to   your   natal   chart   compared   to   others.   It   will   be   particularly   noticeable   for the   natives   of   Virgo,   Pisces,   Sagittarius   and   Gemini.   See   which   House   of   your   chart   Mercury   will   be   between   August   11   and September   5.   Take   note   as   well   of   possible   aspects   with   its   own   position   and   other   elements   in   your   chart   to   get   some   information about   the   possible   effect   of   this   retrogradation   and   its   possible   repercussions   in   your   life   at   different   levels.   If   you   need   my   help   to do this work, contact me by clicking on this link www.ablas-astrology.com/page3angl.htm  and I will reply as soon as possible. See you soon for another article on this page. Want   to   learn   astrology?   Try   a   correspondence   course   from   the   comfort   of   your   own home, visit this page to find out all about ABLAS intensive astrology tuition: ABLAS ASTROLOGY COURSE BY CORRESPONDENCEl 
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