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Roland   Legrand   is   the   originator   of   the   adventure   that   began   in   August   1982, following   a   «   karmic   »   encounter   with   George   Moore,   an   American   writer based   in   Karana   Downs ,   near   Brisbane,   in   Australia,   where   Roland   had   just moved to relocate “Down-Under” after a couple of years in France. One   evening,   George   came   knocking   on   Roland’s   door   to   introduce himself.   Knowing   that   Roland   was   French   added   to   the   pleasure   of such   meeting.   Indeed,   George   had   lived   in   France   many   years   in his   youth,   and   he   had   kept   very   fond   memories   of   that   period.   He could   still   remember   many   French   words   and   sentences.   He   also   partly   understood the spoken language. After   a   few   minutes   of   trivial   conversation   around   a   glass   of   wine   and   some crackers,   George   wanted   to   know   what   Roland’s   “job”   was   and   when   he   heard about   astrology   he   challenge   Roland   to   “guess”   his   zodiac   sign.   When   Roland replied   that   he   saw   his   guest   as   a   “typical   Gemini”,   which   was   the   right   answer, George   became   Roland’s   instant   fan.   He   was   convinced   and   all   the   more   interested   in   learning   more about the subject… When   Roland   said   that   he   was   in   the   process   of   writing   a   book   on   astrology,   George   suggested   not   to   go down   that   road,   explaining   that   only   the   publisher   would   make   some   money,   not   the   author,   unless   the book became a best seller, which was very unlikely. “Don’t   write   a   book,   write   a   course   and   set   up   your   own   School   of   astrology!   That   will   be   much   more uplifting and rewarding in many ways and for many years.” George   was   so   right!   And   to   help   Roland   to   a   good   start,   he   put   his   small   writing business   (The   Better-Moore   Associates)   to   work   on   setting   up   the   first   module   of   the complete course. He even worked on the drawing of the School’s logo! George   also   found   the   School’s   name,   saying   that   if   astrology   was   meant   to   improve   life, it   could   be   called   “A   BETTER   LIFE   SCHOOL   OF   ASTROLOGY”   (ABLSA)   which   was   soon changed   to   “A   BETTER   LIFE   ASTROLOGY   SCHOOL”   (ABLAS)   which   is   still   operating today, more than three decades later… George   lost   a   long   battle   against   cancer   and   died   on   Australia   Day,   the   26 th    of   January   1984.   Roland always   believed   that   his   karmic   encounter   with   George   was   also   the   last   earthly   “mission”   for   that   good man.   George’s   spirit   will   always   remain,   at   least   as   long   as   ABLAS   continues   to   dispense   astrology   and Roland is mentally able to do so, which should hopefully last yet for many years... Return to home page
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